Step Ladder - In Praise of Play

In Ludens Veritas

I believe, assertively and profoundly, in play. So much I’m thinking about taglining my business with it.

A Basic Lens Guide for New Photographers

If you’re starting out, or not sure what to do with the gear you have, I hope this reflection on lenses will help you make sense of where…

The Face of Return :: Stopped Down Studio

The Face of Return

A year ago, I took an emergency trip to Rhode Island. In every measurable way, it jarred me.

On perspective // Stopped Down Studio

On Perspective

Perspective is funny that way, though. One of the functions of the artist is to draw lines between visible things, through invisible things. But the moment two points are visible, there lies perspective.

I Haven’t Told You Everything

Unlike the poem, which requires you add everything before you can think about removing things, the photograph achieves through reduction.

Poetry & Beer Photography: Rene Mullin

Digging in the Well

If you have a regular gig—for me, Poetry & Beer photography—you’re probably familiar with this problem.

Finding my style: Door

Finding My Style

I know worrying about my style is unnecessary energy. But fighting what you feel is just as bad.

Kori, at a Dig and Serve event

The Camera on My Back

When I leave my house these days, I have a camera on my back. It’s big, heavy, “serious” DSLR, usually with a big, serious, heavy lens on it. I like…