Adam Rubinstein :: Stopped Down Studio

About Stopped Down Studio

I’m Adam Rubinstein. Nice to meet you.

I grew up in the Boston suburbs, lived in New Mexico for 12 years, where I shot many thousands of photographs, wrote and edited many hundreds of poems, and designed and handcrafted nearly 100 books. I’m a guy with a point of view.

In photography, stopping down means sharpening—everything. It also means letting in just enough light for the image to tell the right story. And that’s precisely where I do my work.

Many photographers direct their subjects into an out-to-lunch stare, and retouching their skin until it’s infant-smooth. There’s something essential missing for me in those images: You. Your untamed, or manicured, or off-the-cuff hair. The way your lip curls when you’re caught off-guard. The lines that show your character, and your power. Without you, I think most pictures are boring.

And that’s a shame.

I think the human face is the most fascinating subject in the world. Maybe in the universe. It might seem inconsequential, but I think its complexity and nuance is vast as any solar system. Faces tell us stories, of ourselves and one another. And in today’s world, dominated by social media profiles, it’s more important than ever to have a great story to greet your guests—and potential employers.

I coach my clients to forget the camera, to fall into a conversation and reveal themselves. Then I borrow a moment from them, and give it back in a new way. I look forward to helping you see yourself differently. That might be finding your strength, your vulnerability, or your confidence (with approachability). Any way we work it, I guarantee you’ll leave our session feeling great about yourself, and what’s possible for you in front of a camera.