Step Ladder - In Praise of Play

In Ludens Veritas

I believe, assertively and profoundly, in play. So much I’m thinking about taglining my business with it.

Dave Floyd

Getting to Know Dave Floyd

Sometimes you meet someone who makes meeting someone seem so easy.

Durán Fernandez-O'Brien

Durán in a Morning

Durán is an architect, a hip hop connoisseur, and an art collector.


My New Thing

You become interested in new things as you become capable of making them.

Portrait of Remy Fernandez-O’Brien - Stopped Down Studio

Remy in an Afternoon

My new dancer friend Remy came over to make portraits.

Barbara Rubinstein

Sitting with my Mother

Even before the start, my mother guided me toward photography—and now, she helps me navigate it.

Portable Lightstand

In Pursuit of an Ultra-Portable Studio

Last summer, my girlfriend and I discussed how I would shoot portraits after moving in with her. It took six months, and I’ve built an ultra-portable studio.

Hakim Bellamy: Portraits of Black Men | Stopped Down Studio

America Needs More Portraits of Black Men

In this country, we tell narrow, problematic, and unfair stories of blackness, and I think portraiture could be a solution.


Does Scene Create Style?

Will moving from the desert to the coast profoundly affect my architectural photography?

Road to Rich's 2017: Reunion

Road to Rich’s 2017

Welcome to Road to Rich’s 2017! There was snowpack, sunburn, margaritas, dancing, and so much music.

City of Roses: Jessica Helen Lopez

City of Roses

In March my friend Gabriel invited me to participate in a photography show celebrating New Mexico-born women of color.

Holy Walk to Chimayó, NM :: Stopped Down Studio

Holy Walk

Last Friday I undertook the holy walk to Chimayó, New Mexico.