Micro Guard 47

This startup installed a premium, silver-infused plastic film on surfaces like counters, desks, and touchscreens. Silver (periodic table: 47) naturally attacks pathogenic bacteria.

The founders had a successful business wrapping luxury cars in protective plastic film, and were given early exclusive access to a version infused with silver.

I built their visual identity around medical-grade luxury, targeting an affluent, health-conscious, local New England market.

They rejected most of my designs.

In 2024 I went through my old sketches and made them anyway. This is my vision for the brand. The project is ongoing.

Time Frame



Launch startup


Sr. Designer


Illustrator, InDesign, Monday.com, Photoshop

  • Attention to Detail
  • Concepting
  • Design
  • Leadership
  • Relationship-building
  • Retouching
  • Strategy

Business Card

Inspired by novelty coffee mugs, I designed these cards for thermochromic ink. Invisible at room temperature, “rub and reveal” ink changes color in seconds when it’s exposed to 88°+, creating a surprise as the card is handed off.

Printed on .76mm-thick plastic to echo premium durability, and the plastic film we installed.

Room Temperature

Over 88°



The Challenge: Create a luxury medical identity to launch a unique and niche startup.

The solution: I started with a modern coat of arms, which also nods to the luxury car brands in the brand’s DNA. Blue is widely associated with technology, medical arts, and the future; the curl is printed in silver, Pantone 877, to stand in for the ionized silver in the product. I then customized the type, making it own-able.






Social Profiles

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Polo Shirt

Consistent with high-end brands, the uniform was understated, keeping the focus on the customer experience.

Water Bottle

Water bottles are bacteria magnets. Hydro Flask was having a moment with New England elites, so they were the natural choice.