Micro Guard 47

This startup installed a premium, silver-infused plastic film on surfaces like counters, desks, and touchscreens.

Silver (periodic table: 47) naturally attacks pathogenic bacteria.

The owners had build a successful business wrapping luxury cars in protective plastic film, and were given early exclusive access to a version with ionized silver.

I built their visual identity around medical-grade luxury, speaking to an affluent New England health-conscious market.

They rejected most of my designs.

In 2024 I went through my old sketches and decided to make them anyway. This is my vision for that brand.

Time Frame



Launch startup


Sr. Designer


Illustrator, InDesign, Monday.com, Photoshop

  • Attention to Detail
  • Concepting
  • Design
  • Leadership
  • Relationship-building
  • Retouching
  • Strategy

Business Card

Inspired by novelty coffee mugs, I designed these cards for thermochromic ink. Invisible at room temperature, “rub and reveal” ink changes color in seconds when it’s exposed to 88°+, creating a surprise as the card is handed off.

The plan was to print on .76mm-thick plastic to echo premium durability, and the plastic film.

Room Temperature

Over 88°



The challenge was to create a luxury medical brand, marrying tradition and innovation. I solved it with a modern, minimalist coat of arms—with a literal twist. The shield also nods to luxury car brands, which is where the business started.

The curl is printed in silver, Pantone 877. Blue is widely used for technology, medical arts, and the future. I made more “surfaces” on the terminals of the type and sharpened the vertex of the M into a knife.






Social Profiles

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Polo Shirt

Consistent with high-end brands, the uniform was understated, keeping the focus on the customer experience.

Water Bottle

Water bottles are bacteria magnets. Hydro Flask was having a moment with New England elites, so they were the natural choice.