Step Ladder - In Praise of Play

In Ludens Veritas

I believe, assertively and profoundly, in play. So much I’m thinking about taglining my business with it.

Holy Walk to Chimayó, NM :: Stopped Down Studio

Holy Walk

Last Friday I undertook the holy walk to Chimayó, New Mexico.

Berkeley - Somewhere you've never been - Stopped Down Studio

Back to Somewhere You’ve Never Been

In early December, my mother called. Her foot surgery would be far more intense than we expected.

Photos from the Women's March in Oakland

Photos from the Women’s March in Oakland

I got very excited when I heard about the Women’s March in Washington. I wanted to be part of something historic. I needed community.

Seeing intentionally

Seeing Intentionally

I’m not exactly sure what seeing intentionally feels like, but I think I’m starting to.

Individual World Poetry Slam: Flagstaff

Individual World Poetry Slam: Flagstaff

I first attended the Individual World Poetry Slam (shortened to iWPS) in 2005. This is my 11th Poetry Slam Incorporated event. My fourth with camera.

Chasing my summer self · Stopped Down Studio

Chasing My
Summer Self

Growing up, I longed for summer. For the ways summer transformed and freed me to do whatever, wherever. This summer I took that license as far as I ever have.

National Poetry Slam: Decatur

I knew about the National Poetry Slam within a few weeks of learning about the poetry slam. Now I cover it annually.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves

Tejon Street Corner Thieves

The Corner Thieves play what they call “trashgrass,” a saltier, dirtier, bluer-than-bluegrass mountain music. But when you see them, that’s obvious.

Chasing my summer self · Stopped Down Studio

Dream Travel

I’ve always been interested in dream travel: dreams as travel; travel as dreaming; particular travels across particular dreams.

I Haven’t Told You Everything

Unlike the poem, which requires you add everything before you can think about removing things, the photograph achieves through reduction.

Road to Rich's: Rich, in his new golf cart, spying the stage

Road to Rich’s 2016

A year ago, when Don and I pulled out of Rich’s mountain driveway, and began the sleep-haggered drive back to Albuquerque, I knew.