Evolution Bleed

Faces, Shapes
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Recently, I started feeling like I'm 20 years old. I mean as a young artist. At that moment, I felt like my poems were magic building blocks. Like when you're five years...

Junkyard Dogs

Events, Faces
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My best friend, Damien Flores, has been writing poems since he was 15. In many ways, poetry saved, redirected, gave new form to his life. It's no exaggeration to...

On Perspective

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They say perspective is everything. Perspective is funny that way, though. One of the functions of the artist is to draw lines between visible things, through invisible things. But the...

Digging in the Well

Clients, Events, Faces
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If you have a regular gig—for me, Poetry & Beer photography—you're probably familiar with this problem. The same event in the same location, with the same lights, and frequently the same...