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Evolution Bleed

Evolution bleed: the unrepeatable way the heart decides the art you’ll make.

Junkyard Dogs book release - poems by Damien Flores | Stopped Down Studio

Junkyard Dogs

In many ways, poetry saved, redirected, gave new form to my best friend’s life. Now he’s releasing his first full-length collection of them, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Individual World Poetry Slam: Flagstaff

Individual World Poetry Slam: Flagstaff

I first attended the Individual World Poetry Slam (shortened to iWPS) in 2005. This is my 11th Poetry Slam Incorporated event. My fourth with camera.

On perspective // Stopped Down Studio

On Perspective

Perspective is funny that way, though. One of the functions of the artist is to draw lines between visible things, through invisible things. But the moment two points are visible, there lies perspective.

National Poetry Slam: Decatur

I knew about the National Poetry Slam within a few weeks of learning about the poetry slam. Now I cover it annually.

Poetry & Beer Photography: Rene Mullin

Digging in the Well

If you have a regular gig—for me, Poetry & Beer photography—you’re probably familiar with this problem.

National Poetry Slam: Oakland

I learned a lot this week, and I’m so grateful for all my educators, intended and not.

Southwest Shootout 2015

Every two years, the Southwest Shootout Regional Poetry Slam swings through Albuquerque. Sometimes it goes to Houston; sometimes to Flagstaff; sometimes to Dallas or Austin. 2016: Denver. I’ve…