Trump protests in Albuquerque

Trump Protests in Albuquerque

There were Trump protests in Albuquerque last night. After spending the day on my couch, flailing for freelance work to do, and trying to make any noise in my head, I heard about a vigil.

Seeing intentionally

Seeing Intentionally

I’m not exactly sure what seeing intentionally feels like, but I think I’m starting to.

Albuquerque Pride Parade 2016

Albuquerque Pride Parade 2016

As usual, the Albuquerque Pride Parade 2016 edition was a complicated act of beauty.

ABQ Pride 2015

This year I finally swallowed my fear of nonbelonging, and attended Self Serve’s Pride parking lot cookout/parade station. Again, the camera gives me purpose. Purpose gives me peace. Peace emboldens…