Road to Rich's 2017: Reunion

Road to Rich’s 2017

Welcome to Road to Rich’s 2017! There was snowpack, sunburn, margaritas, dancing, and so much music.

Junkyard Dogs book release - poems by Damien Flores | Stopped Down Studio

Junkyard Dogs

In many ways, poetry saved, redirected, gave new form to my best friend’s life. Now he’s releasing his first full-length collection of them, and I couldn’t be prouder.

#NoDAPL Protests in Albuquerque

#NoDAPL Protests in Albuquerque

Today was a nationwide #NoDAPL protest. It was an honor to join the First Nations people who have led this fight for years now. For them to accept us—to accept me—as an ally in their fight, which is our fight, was profound.

Trump protests in Albuquerque

Trump Protests in Albuquerque

There were Trump protests in Albuquerque last night. After spending the day on my couch, flailing for freelance work to do, and trying to make any noise in my head, I heard about a vigil.

Bernie Sanders & César Chávez March: Onlookers

Cesar Chavez Rally

I had a date. She mentioned this Bernie Sanders & César Chávez rally, just a mile and a half from my house.