Trump protests in Albuquerque

Trump Protests in Albuquerque

There were Trump protests in Albuquerque last night. After spending the day on my couch, flailing for freelance work to do, and trying to make any noise in my head, I heard about a vigil.

On perspective // Stopped Down Studio

On Perspective

Perspective is funny that way, though. One of the functions of the artist is to draw lines between visible things, through invisible things. But the moment two points are visible, there lies perspective.

Specializing as a Photographer

I love faces. I love composition. I love stories. I’ve been thinking about how to present that.

Finding the Undertown Near You

After years of writing my way to the undertown of my hometown, I’m trying to find it again, with my camera, in the city I’ve lived the last 11 years.

Chasing my summer self · Stopped Down Studio

Dream Travel

I’ve always been interested in dream travel: dreams as travel; travel as dreaming; particular travels across particular dreams.

A Field Guide to Chasing Dreams

Working as a poet, I spend a lot of my time chasing dreams. Literally. Sometimes I write poems about a childhood I never had.

Denver 3 (+ Zombie Crawl)

In my second day in Denver, before I got to see Autechre, I caught up with the time-traveling Zombie Crawl. But first, I got to see a genuine Invader…