A Very Cloacas Farewell

I went to Santa Fe to say farewell to Cloacas, my favorite local band.

Road to Rich's 2017: Reunion

Road to Rich’s 2017

Welcome to Road to Rich’s 2017! There was snowpack, sunburn, margaritas, dancing, and so much music.

Vektor and Black Fast at Sister

Vektor and Black Fast at Sister Bar

I got to shoot two thrash bands this week. Never having seen these guys before, it was a kind of coming home.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves

Tejon Street Corner Thieves

The Corner Thieves play what they call “trashgrass,” a saltier, dirtier, bluer-than-bluegrass mountain music. But when you see them, that’s obvious.

Reviva at Marble Brewery

Reviva at Marble Brewery

Reviva is one of those bands that exudes respect. At a Reviva show, the stage just glows.

Cloacas at Fanta Se Fest 2016

Cloacas at Fanta Se Fest 2016

They say it’s jazz in a folk mode. I say it’s experimental folk with a dash of drone and klezmer. Cloacas’s sound is warm, fun, welcoming, and unique.

Blockhead at Sister

Blockhead at Sister Bar

He’s full of quick smirks at howling audience members, booty-shaking iron-stomping tango beats.

Road to Rich's: Rich, in his new golf cart, spying the stage

Road to Rich’s 2016

A year ago, when Don and I pulled out of Rich’s mountain driveway, and began the sleep-haggered drive back to Albuquerque, I knew.

Bernie Sanders & César Chávez March: Onlookers

Cesar Chavez Rally

I had a date. She mentioned this Bernie Sanders & César Chávez rally, just a mile and a half from my house.

Saltine Ramblers’ Last Show

The Ramblers’ last show was at Low Spirits, in February. I went to make sure we could all remember it a little more clearly.

St. Terrible & Psych Mountain Revival: PMR

St. Terrible & Psych Mountain Revival

A while back I hosted some couchsurfers: St. Terrible and Psych Mountain Revival. The moment they arrived, I knew we’d get along.

Mackenzie playing guitar - Gipsy Moon

Gipsy Moon at Marble Brewery

Marble Brewery makes it as easy for photographers to shoot their stage as they do for bands to play on it. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday night.