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Aimara Coronado’s Quinceañera

There comes a time in our lives when our traditional cultures recognize, and begin to depend on us, as young adults. The quinceañera is a big one.

It was my privilege to shoot yesterday, at Aimara’s induction into adulthood. The ceremony was held in church, and the party (naturally) at a local Shriners’ gathering hall. The ceremony was conducted entirely in Spanish; the party about half and half, with plenty of cumbias, rancheras, and traditional waltzes—and a few questionable classics to keep it spicy.

The Ceremony

The Party

Clients, Events, Faces

Southwest Shootout 2015

Every two years, the Southwest Shootout Regional Poetry Slam swings through Albuquerque. Sometimes it goes to Houston; sometimes to Flagstaff; sometimes to Dallas or Austin. 2016: Denver.

I’ve worked on a few of them, sometimes contributing design, or bout managing. This year it’s my privilege to take photographs for it. Being it’s in my front yard, and all.

Night One / Preliminaries


I have to say it was disappointing (as it far too frequently is) to see so few women on the individual finals stage. That may have had to do with scores; maybe the $25 buy-in. But those sound like essentially the same problem to me.

Slam doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and Burque judges aren’t immune to systemic sexist bias. Still, after the Women of the World Poetry Slam blew up here in March, I had higher hopes. The struggle struggles on.