Upside Out

Over the last year I’ve produced a small-but-growing body of architectural work based on perspective. Looking up and askew from the street at tall, interesting buildings, makes for fascinating distortions. Recently, I decided to formalize the project. I’m calling it “Upside Out.”

Longtime readers of this blog, you may have seen some of these images before, and I think there’s a new clarity in seeing them together.

You can see it here.

“Upside Out” includes work made in Albuquerque, Denver, Boston, and California (though you’d be hard-pressed to identify any of those places, which is part of the point). It’s a story of prodding and pulling the everyday world into a private place, which we sometimes recognize, intimately, despite or because of its strangeness.

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The author

I bring 11 years as a professional writer and designer, as well as my feminism, ecological philosophies, and editorial aesthetic to photography. When no one's looking, I bring my sense of humor, too.

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