National Poetry Slam: Oakland

I learned a lot this week, and I’m so grateful for all my educators, intended and not. It’s been remarkable watching NPS change as a sometimes visitor over the years. Baltimore, a slam once run by two (wonderful) white men, is now a thoroughly chocolate team. Boston (proper) sends its first team ever, and wins the whole thing, adapting to awful sound in a gorgeous space. All over, you can hear new kinds of voices emerging.

Every time, poets, its my most profound honor. And if you’re wondering, why yes, I do write poems. A lot of them.



Black Poets Speak Out

Nerd Slam

Queer Reading

Fayetteville on the Docks… and then Tiki Tom


Tuesday: Bissap Early (Mostly)

Tuesday: Shadow Lounge Late

Wednesday: Bissap Early

Wednesday: Shadow Ultra Lounge Early

Wednesday: Metro A & B Late

Thursday: Metro A and B Early

Thursday: Metro B Late

Friday: Semi-Finals: Shadow Ultra Lounge


5 Comments on “National Poetry Slam: Oakland

  1. Whats up Adam? I would love to get some of the pics you took of the Marquis Slam to post on FB and my Website

  2. The pictures are amazing. Thank you for capturing so many of the #MagicMoments from NPS. You are so talented!

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