One-on-One Photography Lessons

Learn to Shoot

Some of us see things in our minds, and want to show them to others. Some of us, like me, see them only when we know how to make them. No matter how you slice it, we need to know our tools. Private photography lessons can make all the difference.

I help people make the most of their gear. Whatever you shoot on and wherever you are in your art journey, there’s always somewhere deeper to go, something more to learn. Since 2015, I’ve taught photography to groups and individuals across the United States, but primarily in Boston.

Light is always light. What you do with it is limited only by what you know you can do with it, and what you can use to make that happen.

A camera is always a camera, too. No matter the brand, or how much it cost, it records the light you point it at.

But light doesn’t always behave like you think it will. And cameras have so many settings, functions, and quirks that most of us could use some help with them. The good news is that you won’t have to adjust them all, just the ones that matter for what you want to do.

And Learn to Edit

The image on your memory card is like the first draft of an essay. There are lots of good ideas in there (of course!), but in most cases, it needs to be cleaned up before it’s ready for prime time.

Private Photography Lessons - Stopped Down Studio

Some images will take you on a hero’s journey of editing, while others arrive mysterious and perfect.

I teach the techniques of photo editing—called retouching—from a “less is more” perspective. The more you know, the less work you need to do! I’ll help you learn to recognize which images need a light hand or a strong arm, and introduce you to the tools in your retoucher’s kit.

We’ll use Adobe Lightroom first, where I work primarily. You may not have heard of it, but Lightroom is fast, powerful, and easy to learn. Sometimes you’ll need to do something Lightroom can’t, and that’s where Photoshop begins. For intermediate-advanced retouching—and even some magic—Photoshop can’t be beat.


Make Better Memories
6 Hours of Instruction
How to Use Your Camera
Better Snaps and Selfies
Easy People Pictures
Available Light
Editing Basics
Summer of Fun
12 Hours of Instruction
In-Depth with Your Camera
Improve Your Composition
Posing Subjects
Using Reflectors
Killer Color
Intro to Lightroom
Career Kickstart
20 Hours of Instruction
Master Your Camera
Learn Visual Storytelling
Lighting Subjects
Using Flash
High Dynamic Range
Lightroom In-Depth
Intro to Photoshop