Reviva at Marble Brewery

Reviva’s one of those bands you can’t help but love.

Here’s the thing about Reviva: They’re all technically advanced musicians, but they play in a genre that places teamwork over virtuosity. Think about that. I think one of the reasons they’re so popular is simply that they’re not showboating.* I mean, they have two drummers, two guys on keys, and two guitarists—this band is built on collaboration.

Many of us do love a virtuoso/a, and that artist-entertainer’s value is real, but I think a lot of what we want, what we listen for, is a band’s unique fabric. And you can’t get a good weave without making space. And you can’t make that space without mutual respect.

Reviva is one of those bands that exudes respect. Respect for one another, respect for the audience. At a Reviva show, the stage just glows.

And they played Marble a few weeks back.

Marble Brewery—the original downtown taproom—went through a management shift a few years ago. After that came a rebranding, and a doubling down on the qualities that centered it in the Burque beer revolution. Expanded seating in a beautiful new rustic commons. A porous roof on a dog-friendly patio (with a second story opening soon). And a real outdoor stage.

That stage gives some of our dedicated music venues a run for their money. It’s gorgeously lit, the sound is consistently excellent, and despite a long wall completely exposed to the street, the energy stays right where it should. Whether that’s because the architects were so inspired, or the bar got real lucky, when a band like Reviva plays the Marble patio, there’s really nothing else you can think of right then. Just beer, and friends, and dogs, and dancing.


*Other good reasons: This is music to dance to; their message is a classic roots reggae “One Love;” and they’re all pretty good looking, in their ways.

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