Prints now available (and discounted for you)!

Print sales are open!

Very exciting news today: after researching many options, I’ve settled on a way to sell my work.

Primarily, what’s on offer is architectural/urban/landscape photography, like the image above. To order prints, click the big pink button at the top or bottom. (If you don’t see a big pink button, images in that post aren’t currently available.) Most of the posts with prints available are in the Places category, and those pink buttons are conveniently visible on those category pages.

Prints come in a broad range of sizes, from 2.5″ x 3.5″, for your wallet, to 24″ x 36″, for your living room wall. Orders are fulfilled by a professional-grade printing house on high quality photo paper, or framed on canvas.

And a discount!

To celebrate this auspicious moment, I’m offering free shipping on all prints until September 15. Just use the code SUMMERSHIP (case-sensitive) at checkout.

If you’ve wanted to take a piece of mine home, there’s no better time. Thank you for your support, patronage, and encouragement, and happy printing!

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