National Poetry Slam: Oakland

I learned a lot this week, and I’m so grateful for all my educators, intended and not. It’s been remarkable watching NPS change as a sometimes visitor over the years. Baltimore, a slam once run by two (wonderful) white men, is now a thoroughly chocolate team. Boston (proper) sends its first team ever, and wins the whole thing, adapting to awful sound in a gorgeous space. All over, you can hear new kinds of voices emerging.

Every time, poets, its my most profound honor. And if you’re wondering, why yes, I do write poems. A lot of them.



Black Poets Speak Out

Nerd Slam

Queer Reading

Fayetteville on the Docks… and then Tiki Tom


Tuesday: Bissap Early (Mostly)

Tuesday: Shadow Lounge Late

Wednesday: Bissap Early

Wednesday: Shadow Ultra Lounge Early

Wednesday: Metro A & B Late

Thursday: Metro A and B Early

Thursday: Metro B Late

Friday: Semi-Finals: Shadow Ultra Lounge


5 thoughts on “National Poetry Slam: Oakland”

  1. The pictures are amazing. Thank you for capturing so many of the #MagicMoments from NPS. You are so talented!

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