Gipsy Moon at Marble Brewery

Well, that was a surprise.

A little nostalgic, I pulled up the images from last year’s Tie-Dye Party.

I thought, Man, I wonder where Gipsy Moon got off to; their manager and I talked about shooting more of their shows. After a few days of patient searching,* I snared them. In fact, I found them right in my back yard. They were playing Marble Brewery’s new(ish), gorgeous, downtown patio stage, just 20 minutes from my front door! So I reached out, and come Saturday night, it was go time.

Maybe the best prep I’ve ever done for a photo shoot, I spent most of Saturday editing poems. I felt loose, creative, capable, and inspired. More on that later this month. I’ve got a big project in the works I can’t wait to share.

Marble makes it as easy for photographers to shoot that stage as they do for the bands to play. Really—take a note. If you want performers to talk and flock, make them look good. And if you want the hundreds of iPhotographers who come through every weekend to do your promotion for you, give them something yummy to shoot.

So Gipsy Moon takes the stage, and burns the whole thing down.

From 60s pop murder ballads to disturbingly-sexy-kids’-song-murder-ballads, they brought heart and virtuosity to their arsenal of strings. And in those lights, that crowd, that just-still-warm first spring air, the world felt a little lighter. A little carefree.

It was also a delight seeing some of the Tie-Dye regulars, which only makes sense, because it was Jams of Enchantment who brought Gipsy Moon to town. Thanks for all your hard work, guys!

Gipsy Moon links:

*Don’t get turned around like this pendejo; search for Gipsy Moon. That Gypsy Moon guy I’m sure is making fine music, but I took no pictures of him.

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