Getting to Know Dave Floyd

Sometimes you meet someone who makes meeting someone seem so easy. That was the way with Dave Floyd, a New York Life insurance agent I ran into at a networking event last month. Most of the night I perched on a stool by the food (both ensuring I’d get dinner and meet everyone), and later I made the rounds. I met fashion consultants, filmmakers, web developers, interior designers, and business managers, all of whom I offered to shoot. I made chit-chat with the event staff over hummus. But it was a conversation with an Israeli doctor and this sharp, inquisitive, insurance man from Dallas that at last felt real.

We exchanged cards and emails, life and work conspired, and almost two months passed before I made it to his apartment to shoot portraits. I remember a few floating bits from that night—the purpose of insurance; the uphill grind of capitalism—but he stood out for how easy he was to talk with. We’re calibrated alike. So I was excited to head over and stoke the embers of that conversation.

I tell every sitter, every session, the same two things:

  1. This is a collaboration. I cannot make an image of you without you. I cannot make a great image of you without your participation.
  2. We’re here to play. The sooner you get that, in your bones, the better the images will be.

Dave took to both of those like a bird to the clouds. He’s curious about most things, like I am, and also like me, he’s convinced of the power of the image. He’s done some modeling in the past, as well as acting, and he locked in immediately. While we talked comics, filmmaking, user experience design, Boston, apartment hunting, public transit, travel, and so on, he took direction like a champ. When we looked over each segment’s bounty, he was just as impressed and critical as I was. Almost from my test-shots, we were spoiled for choices. I think it may have broken his heart a little that he had to choose only three.*

It’s rare to work with someone who fills you with ideas, who fills you with energy. I hope this is just the beginning. Because this was a hell of a way to start.

You can find Dave on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Are you in Boston, and looking for headshots or portraits? Let’s set something up! I’ll come to your door, we’ll turn your living or bedroom into a studio for the morning, and make magic without having to leave the house.

*for the promotion he was participating in

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