Dig and Serve Brunch at Zendo

Dig and Serve is a pop-up gourmet restaurant experience.

They serve the best local food, harvested close to the event, prepared on-site, in a long-table setting. Like all pop-ups, what Dig and Serve lacks in an anchor they make up for in flexibility. Even “flexibility” doesn’t do them justice; maybe “spontaneity” is the better word.

But unlike many restaurants—and even many pop-ups—their mission is to build community. They want you to trade a glass of the wine you brought for the whiskey your new neighbors just pulled out. What’s your name? Where are you from? Do you know Betsy? You do?!

They’ve popped up at Levitated Toy Factory and Bow and Arrow Brewing, among other venues, and this last Sunday, at the gorgeously naturally-lit Zendo Art and Coffee.

If you’ve ever been to Zendo, you may wonder where they put all those people. Trick question! They ate on the back patio. It was a perfect brunch morning: cloudless, azure, and crisp. Though it got a little hot as noon approached, between the generous flow of champers and fresh-mixed bing cherry orange juice, no one seemed bothered. Through the Sunday morning haze of conversation, booze, Christ and David harmonizing pop tunes, the bright and fresh fruit salads and cherry-drizzled challah dessert, the kitchen melted away. (Also, it was cleverly hidden behind a corner.)

So where does Dig and Serve go next?

Well, I can tell you two things: August 23. And because I’ve been told the layout plan, I happen to know it’s going to be a barnburner. Ah, but already, I’ve said too much. If you’re in Central New Mexico around the end of August and have been searching for a fancy date night, or like me, and a spectacular dinner/music/show experience is all the excuse you need,  join the Dig and Serve mailing list.

In fact, even if you don’t live here, you should sign up, anyway. Never can know where and when exactly they’ll be.

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