Trade Portrait Session: Sign Up

Thanks for agreeing to make portraits with me!

To consent to this project, please fill out the form below so I can keep your information in one place. I’ll send you a contract which outlines your rights and mine, and your compensation for the shoot (unframed print of your choice, and three retouched images).

This is a trade arrangement

What I get:

  • Photographs of you, which I may use in my portfolio, or sell in a gallery show (with your approval, below).
  • A promise that you will make a good-faith effort to recommend me to friends, family, colleagues, and/or acquaintances who can afford a regular-rate portrait or headshot session.

What you get:

  • Three retouched photographs, delivered digitally, ready for posting on social media. You may not alter these.
  • One of those retouched photographs, printed for you at the end of our session.

A few details

Our shoot will last about 3 hours. Please make sure you bring everything you’ll need, including changes of clothes and snacks. I prefer to shoot one-on-one, as the presence of another person is distracting for both subject and photographer, but if that person is necessary, I’ll accommodate them.

I’m not currently set up to make full-body portraits. This means you can leave your fancy pants and shoes at home—or bring them along, if they make you feel more powerful—but they won’t be in the shot.

Please refer to my portrait FAQ at least a week ahead of our scheduled shoot. It has lots of information, including tips to help you feel and look most yourself!

Now please fill out this form, so I can send your contract. 😊