Pornotopia 2015

Pornotopia is a big part of my year, but it’s rarely a big photo op. The reasons for that are sad, and obvious: even some of the hardest-working folks on our committee can’t risk having their name or image associated with it. So while I take a lot of photos, I only get to share a precious few. But hey, now I can say I’ve photographed Jiz Lee getting a lap dance. Bucket list.

Check back here through the weekend for more images cleared for your your eyes only.

Merch, Marketing, & Ambiance

Sex Ed A-Go-Go

Jiz Lee’s Book Signing (Coming Out Like a Porn Star)

Yes, they traced their fist for a signature.

How to Please a Penis

With Hunter Riley

How to Make Your Bedroom as Sexy and Functional as a Porn Set

With Shine Louise Houston

Sex Tips from a Porn Star

With Jiz Lee

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I bring 11 years as a professional writer and designer, as well as my feminism, ecological philosophies, and editorial aesthetic to photography. When no one's looking, I bring my sense of humor, too.

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