Get a Commercial Quote

I bill by image rather than time. Pay only for the images you need, and the license you need them for.

These rates are for businesses. Looking for an individual headshot or portrait session?

This estimate is for all planned uses. If you plan one use now (print), and later decide to use the images differently (digital), I encourage you to license for both uses now, to save time re-licensing in the future. If you need some images in print and some for digital use, please make your selections for one, then reload the form and make your selections for the other.

All images are sold royalty-free.

What happens after the shoot?

Within two weeks, I’ll apply light editing and send you a link to a private gallery of high-quality images. You choose the images you’d like fully edited. If you need more than you thought, pick more, and I’ll check in with you. I’ll edit and send your choices to you, in the formats and sizes you need. You’re all set!