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How does it work?
My Retouching Philosophy
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The following rates are for individuals only:

  • The one-time sitting fee for my sessions is $250. This is for my time coaching and photographing you to make great portraits. This includes one retouched image, and one print of that image.
  • The one-time fee per retouched image is $25. This is for time spent color-correcting, removing small blemishes, diminishing lines, and making other specialized edits.
  • The price per print varies with the size of the print. Prints are handled through a professional photo printer and will be shipped to you. Some of the sizes available include:
    • 4×6: $3
    • 8×10: $9
    • 8×12: $15
    • 16×24: $60

These prices do not include shipping. Retouched images will be available for print from your private, password-protected gallery.

A non-refundable $100 booking fee is required to lock in our time. I will send an invoice with my standard portrait contract at least one week before our session. Cancelations or rescheduling requests made within 48 hours will forfeit this booking fee.

Quick Quote

Note: The base fee includes my time photographing you, and retouching and printing of one image. This quote is for individuals.

How does it work?


Portrait sessions last about three hours, and typically take place at my home studio: 1431 La Vega Dr. SW (TV in a tree out front; I’m in the casita in the back). Please park in the street, anywhere that doesn’t block a mailbox or fire hydrant. My home can be a little hard to find, even with GPS assistance, and sessions start at exactly the time we booked, so please plan to arrive early. Please do not book anything immediately after our session, as we may want a little more time than is typically allotted.

When possible, please come to our session alone. This helps us keep the energy locked between us, and decreases your self-consciousness in front of the camera. If your day’s logistics require you to bring someone along, I will make every effort to accommodate them in my small home studio.

The process

If you want great images of yourself, come ready to stretch a little—emotionally and physically! I’m here to help you relax and have fun. Fun is where magic happens.

At this time, I’m set up for upper-body portraits. You’re welcome to bring your fancy pants and dancing shoes (especially if they make you feel more you), but know that they won’t be in the shot.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll do:

  1. I’ll teach you the basic moves you’ll need to make great portraits, and coach you into positions and reactions. (If it doesn’t feel weird, it’s not enough!)
  2. When I feel we’ve got enough to focus on, we’ll review the images together. We’ll discuss what’s working and where we can focus, and delete everything we don’t like. We’ll go back to shooting, then review again, etc.. One portrait session consists of three of these shoot-and-review segments.
  3. Between segments, you can change outfits, hair styles, or shave, if you want to, for another look.
  4. You’ll pick your favorite image, which I’ll retouch with your direct input. I’ll print one copy, so you can take it with you.
  5. I’ll put your chosen images in a password-protected online gallery. These images are unedited; you can choose as many or as few as you’d like me to retouch, at $25/image. (My retouching philosophy is below.)
  6. I’ll place your final, retouched images in a new gallery, where you can download them, and order high-quality, quick-delivery prints.


  • In order to guarantee great photos, most sessions last three hours. For the moment, I work only out of my home studio.
  • Sessions start at the scheduled start time. Starting late, for any reason, can push us back, and require a second session.
  • For the moment, I do not provide hair and makeup services, so please do your own before arriving.
  • As a guiding rule, less is more. Makeup that looks great in public will look overdone under the bright lights of my studio, and high image quality of my camera.
  • If you don’t want to do your own makeup, I recommend the counter at Macy’s or another department store. Do your hair as if you were going to a casting call, or a night on the town.

Things you can do to prepare

  • Get plenty of sleep for three days before our shoot. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol.
  • If our shoot requires hair or makeup, please have these done before we start. I do not have a stylist on-hand, and cannot help with either. Again, we will begin at exactly our scheduled time.
  • Please bring, at most, three outfits. Our time together is valuable, and changing into multiple outfits can cut significantly into it. I recommend two professional outfits, and one casual. A private room will be available for you to change in.
  • If ours is a portrait session (not a headshot), please bring any props you’d like to shoot with.
  • I offer water and tea during the session. If you’d like something else, please bring it.
  • Please tell me before the shoot what kind(s) of music you like to listen to, so we can agree on something that will help both of us find our groove!
  • Practice “squinching.” Squinching is not-quite-squinting: simply put, raise your lower lids, and leave your upper lids where they are. Here’s a video from the guy who came up with the term:

Preparing for a Boudoir Session

I want to photograph you and/or your partner(s) in your space, where you feel comfortable, sexy, and powerful.

  • Please send me a few photographs of your space one week before our shoot.
  • Ideal spaces have lots of natural window light. Eastern windows are great in the morning, and southern/western windows are great in the afternoon. Neither is particularly good at noon, but noon in summer can work on a southern window.
  • Those windows can be covered for privacy, and/or to diffuse light.
  • If the space you’d like to shoot in doesn’t have lots of natural light, I will light the space. Please be aware: This is a different experience than working in natural light, as it will require planning, and flashes will pop whenever I take a photograph.

My Retouching Philosophy

I believe retouching (modifying images after they’ve been shot) should look invisible. Permanent features of the face and body define our appearance. Temporary blemishes, such as acne, small cuts or scabs, or stray hairs, don’t define us, and I’m happy to remove them. I do not reshape or resize.

Here are a few examples:

Though we can change the colors of certain clothes or makeup at this stage, it’s best to make these choices before our session.

What to Wear

If you don’t love it, it won’t shoot well!

Bring clothes that make you feel powerful, attractive, comfortable, and confident. Please try to avoid patterns, as they tend to distract from the face. I use a neutral background to place the attention squarely on you. This also gives you the most flexibility, should you want to add a background later.

Thank you again for your interest in making portraits with me. I look forward to working with you to help you look your best!